About Us


Awash Cargo Ride Services, established in 2019, is a legally registered technology-based logistics service provider company in Ethiopia and beyond. 

The company, which is owned and run by young visionary and energetic professionals, aspire to provide cutting-edge solutions to tackle the logistics and supply chain bottlenecks to our national and regional economies. 

To realize its aspiration, Awash Cargo Ride employs state-of-the-art and proven tools and technologies. It follows operational, monitoring, and quality improvement (QI) models. In a very short period since its establishment, Awash Cargo Ride has offered its services both Standard and Corporate cargo to a growing number of its clients


Our products and services are manifestations to our complete adherence to our core values. The river Awash: one of the biggest rivers in Ethiopia that Awash Cargo Ride is named after  is reliable and kind water to millions of people; and its regular visit fondly expected as a friend.

Awash Cargo, owes the river not only for its name, but also for its characteristics congruent to the company’s core values: Fidelity, Reliability, Innovation, Enthusiasm, Dynamism, and Sympathy (FRIENDS).  


Awash Cargo Ride has established a wide network of truck owners and associations; and has made partnership agreement to ensure the availability of reliable and timely logistics service. Currently, there are more than 15,000 registered vehicles of individuals, partners and affiliated unions. The list of owners and unions joining our network is still growing by each day.

Within a short period since it began its operation, Awash Cargo Ride has already provided transportation and other logistics services to several small and mega companies. We have earned the reputation of safe and timely delivery of diverse kinds of shipments, which include factory raw materials, construction materials and machineries, food items, cereals, and other perishable and nonperishable items with the respective safety and care needed to each category of the shipments. 


Lemi Tujo

Founder, CEO

Lemi Tujo is the founder and CEO of Awash Cargo Ride and its sister companies. has a background in Law, with an LLB from Wollega University and Master of Addis Ababa University.

Zemen Abebe

Marketing, Research and Development Manager

Zemen has over 15 years of experience in Community Engagement, Social Behavior Change and Communications (SBCC), Project Development, Broadcast Media (TV), Digital Marketing, Media Development and Production, Research, and Micro Financial Management.

Adugna Kissi

Operation and Facilities Coordinator

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Adugna is one of the students who graduated in distinction at dire-dawa university. he has exceptional technical and operational coordination skills.

Hawwani Amente

Marketing Coordinator

Hawwani is highly talented and vibrant professional. She has worked for Zayride, Applied Inc., 1st Chronicles and others before joining Awash Cargo Ride. She has earned a degree in Construction Management.